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WebTool Sofware

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Manage the system via any browsers

With WebTool, select staff can use the Internet to access their AVer video conferencing systems. WebTool’s camera control feature gives technical support staff the means to remotely access the camera / codec, and monitor what’s happening in the call, to troubleshoot issues as quick and effectively as if they were in the meeting room. WebTool also presents users with an easy method for accessing and managing the system’s call history and phonebook as well as performing firmware upgrades and checking system performance tests. This great online tool helps create a more efficient, more effective video conferencing experience.

Key Features

  • Remotely access and control your AVer VC system’s camera and codec via any major web browser
  • See whatever the people in the meeting see using the remote monitoring feature
  • Upgrade your system’s firmware to the latest version anytime
  • Restore saved system settings and review system performance tests
  • Access and manage your AVer VC system’s phonebook and call history