Liebert eXL UPS, 625 - 1200kVA​/kW​

Liebert eXL UPS, 625 - 1200kVA​/kW​

    Mã sản phẩm: Liebert eXL UPS, 625 - 1200kVA​/kW​

    Mô tả: True on-line, double conversion, three-phase UPS system is the right solution to support a maximum efficiency data center design. It provides high operating efficiency, high power capacity, and low PUE and TCO.

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Chi tiết sản phẩm

The Liebert eXL™ On-Line UPS is the right solution for a maximum efficiency data center – with a design that enables high operating efficiency, high capacity, and intelligent operation. Designed to enable lower installation costs and optimized operating costs, the Liebert eXL UPS supports a low PUE and total cost of ownership.

The system is LIFE™ Services enabled, and seamlessly integrates with the Trellis™ platform.

800kVA/kW and 1200kVA/kW models available, scalable with capacity-on-demand technology for kW increases without additional footprint: 625/750/800kVA/kW, and 1000/1100/1200kVA/kW capacities. Single Module and 1+N Distributed Bypass systems available. Add matching battery cabinets for a complete power solution. Output voltage 480 VAC 3-phase, 3 wire.​



  • On-line UPS protection for medium and large facilities.
  • Transformer-free topology with up to 97% efficiency in double conversion mode.
  • 10.4” color HMI touch screen for easier use.
  • LIFE™ Services for remote monitoring and proactive service delivery.


Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Up to 97% operating efficiency, lowers operating costs.
  • Capacity-on-demand with Softscale – conserve capital, and grow without additional footprint.
  • Lower costs for installation and deployment.
  • High capacity, with unity power factor – more usable power and best space utilization.
  • Eco-mode ready, giving you future options for industry-leading levels of efficiency


  • Configurations include Single Module, 1+N Distributed Bypass Multi-Module, Catcher Bus/Reserve Bus.
  • Optional matching battery cabinets, available with Albér® Battery Monitoring.
  • Compatible with the Trellis™ platform – allowing rich information, management and monitoring.
  • Integrates with a wide range of other popular monitoring tools.


  • Designed and tested to provide predictable performance during high fault current conditions.
  • Reliably starts a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) of equal rating.
  • Integrated control system and internal diagnostics allow enhanced visibility into operation and awareness of potential issues.
  • Circuit breakers as opposed to contactors increase reliability.
  • LIFE™ Services for remote monitoring enables our experts to track your UPS performance 24/7/365.