Liebert FDC Power Distribution Cabinet

Liebert FDC Power Distribution Cabinet

    Mã sản phẩm: Liebert FDC Power Distribution Cabinet

    Mô tả: Rack-Size Power Distribution Solutions for Growing IT Operations

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Integrate power distribution into the rack environment, with the rack-sized Liebert® FDC. The stand-alone cabinet blends physically and cosmetically with rack equipment, while offering the distribution capabilities of a much larger unit.

The Liebert FDC remote distribution cabinet extends the functionality of the PDU by packaging 168 poles (four complete panelboards) in a stand-alone cabinet with a rack-sized footprint. Multiple voltage options, panelboard options and monitoring options. One, two or four inputs. Can be used in conjunction with the Liebert FPC power center to provide expanded panelboard electrical pole connections closer to the load. The units may be placed at various locations within a row of racks, as well as in a standalone configuration. Bottom cable exit or top cable exit models available.​​



  • Standard bottom cable exit, optional top cable exit.  
  • Utilizes inline 42-pole panelboards, which provide wide-open wiring access channels for easy installation of additional circuits.  
  • Optional 22kAIC main panelboard breakers.  

Higher Availability  

  • Factory assembled and tested to ensure reliability and consistent performance.  
  • Local and remote power monitoring capabilities enable you to attain maximum availability for your critical operations.  

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership  

  • Four panelboard capacity saves money by eliminating need for multiple cabinets.  
  • In-rack location places power distribution closer to the load, thereby reducing under floor cabling from centralized UPS and making cable movements simpler and less expensive.  

Ideally Suited For  

  • Data centers  
  • Telecommunications  
  • Manufacturing