Mã sản phẩm: Cube 300, Cube 400, Cube 500

    Mô tả: High Frequency and high power us 

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Chi tiết sản phẩm



Power range: 300kVA/400kVA/500kVA

Work online, 3:3 phase, PF: 0.9


High reliability

  • Double conversion on-line technology. IGBT rectifier.
  • Wide input voltage and frequency range, with a Power Walk In function, adapt to the harsh environment of the grid, reducing the impact on the generator, and the demand which is very useful for parallel system.
  • A novel full digital DSP&FPGA control strategy, which is patent that can protect the ups unit when a single DSP or FPGA is failed.
  • Modulation algorithm that is patent can reduce the area of the main circuit power, and the temperature rising inside the machine of the main power loop.
  • A patent Short circuit modulation algorithm greatly reduces power loss in the short circuit cycle.


  • Three-level rectifier and inverter, efficiency is up to 95.3%.
  • Input PF larger than 0.99.
  • THDi <3% (100% linear load), THDi <5% (50% non-linear load).


Parallel redundancy function

  • Support parallel expanded operation; maximum is 4 units.
  • LBS Function supported.
  • Support common battery.

Flexible and reliable battery support program

  • Support 32/34/36/38/40 battery units.
  • Charge current up to 100A.
  • Boost /Float stage charge. 

Strong load capacity

  • Long-term load below 105%, 1 hour between 105%- 110%.
  • With 100% unbalanced load.
  • Lead, lag load without derating.
  • Support full transformer load.

Good maintenance

  • 300K, 400K, 500K structures are completely compatible, reduce maintenance costs.
  • Class modular design, reduce maintenance costs.
  • Large screen LCD, 10-inch / 7 inch touch screen optional.
  • Support fault recording and fault exporting.
  • Built in the input, output, bypass, maintenance switches .Fuses are equipped for input, output and battery.
  • CAN, RS232 communication interface, Modbus card (optional), SNMP card (optional), dry contact card (optional)


Capacity (VA/Watts) 300 400 500

Egeneral Purpos

Overall Effciency (%) Highest 95.3%
Parallel operation 4
Transfer time (ms) 0


Rated input voltage (Vac) Three phase four wire 380/220, 400/230, 415/240
Operating voltage range (Vac) 176~276(phase), 305~477 (phase)
Operating frequency range(Hz) 40~70
Power factor 0.99
Current hamonic distortion (THDi) <3% (100% Nonlinear load), <5%(50% Nonlinear load)
Backfeed protection Support
Generator Access Support
Powerwalk in Support


Rated input voltage (Vac) Three phase four wire 380/220, 400/230, 415/240
Operating voltage range (Vac) lower limit: ~40%, Upper limit: ±20% (backgroung can be set )
Synchronous tracking range (Hz) Highest 3 Hz ( background can be set)
Bypass operation range(Hz) Highest ±20% ( backgroung can be set)
Backfeed protection Support
Generator Access Support


Voltage (Vac) Three phase four wire 380/220, 400/230, 415/240  
Frequency(Hz) 50/60Hz  
Power factor 0.9
Voltage harmonic distortion (THDu) <2% (100% Nonlinear load), <3%(100% Nonlinear load)
Voltage regulation <1%

Load ≤110% 60min, ≤125% 10min, ≤150% 1min, >150% 200ms


Battery voltage (Vdc) ±192, ±204, ±216, ±228, ±240 (32/34/36/38/40section) 
Charger maximum power (KW)  60
Charger maximum charge current (A)  100


Operating temperature

0~40 C

Storage temperature 

-20~70 (no battery)

Humidity range

0~95%( no condensation)


<1500m, exceed 1500m derating use per GB/T 3859.2regulations

Noise level


IP protection level



Dimension D x W x H (mm)

1300 x 850 x 2000

Net Weight (kg)


Operative norm

YD/T 1095~2008