LCD Video Wall

LCD Video Wall

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    Mô tả: Your ultimate visualization system - designed and delivered by the industry experts.

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LCD Video Wall


BRWall offers a full selection of high-performance LCD video walls. Our LCD video wall series delivers unparalleled brightness and visual performance. Offering ultra-narrow bezels and a thin-profile design, LCDs create an immersive display platform for your content. Developed for mission-critical operations, LCD video walls are 24/7 reliable and offer extreme longevity and value.


  • Industrial - grade display panel of world class quality
  • Complete ports, digital signal
  • Ultra industrial design
  • User-friendly menu
  • Easy to operate client control software
  • Optimized picture quality, excellent display detail

46"Super Narrow Bezel 3.5mm/5.5mm LED Backlit LCD Tiled Display - H46(30LN/30HN/50LN/50HN)

49"Super Narrow Bezel 1.8mm/3.5mm LED Backlit LCD Tiled Display - H49(18LN/18HN/30LN/30HN)

55"Super Narrow Bezel 1.8mm/3.5mm/5.3mm LED Backlit LCD Tiled Display - H55(18LN/18HN/30LN/30HN/50LN/50HN)